PVP & Bushcraft Western Cape

By Nigel Jones, 10/25/2018 - 11:03

Hello Bushcraft Community

I feel it is long past time that I practised my writing skills via this News page to tell you about all the exciting things we've been up to. Our local Bushcraft Community is growing! Pro Venture Products (PVP) is an integral part of Bushcraft Western Cape (www.facebook.com/bushcraft1234/). Also, we have associations with our friends at Big Bear Outdoors (www.facebook.com/BIG.BEAR.OUTDOORS/) and The Cape Outdoor Review & Adventures (www.facebook.com/cora.westerncape/). By looking at these sites you will get insight into what we are all about and the things we get up to when we are able to escape this Urban dilemma we call work and home!

Above is a photo of our small campsite in the Paarl region, where we educate like-minded people and hone our skills. Be on the lookout for future events, and come to see AND do for yourselves!




By bear on

way to go uncle Nigel