My Parang Duku Changdong 10"


MY Parang cutting tools are made exclusively by hand in Malaysia using the finest material available and using traditional methods. The blades are sourced from Bidor, Perak, world-renowned for their differentially hard hardened 5160 carbon steel blades; while the renewable Eco wood for the handles is sourced from Croatia (we just love our rainforests too much!) We make use of the traditional rat tail construction for our parangs as it is a proven design that has withstood the test of time and evolution. However, we have added a brass pin under the collar for added confidence. The Parang is a traditional tool and is embedded in our everyday lives and culture throughout Malaysia. Maintain your parang well by keeping it sharp and oiled, and ALWAYS remember to use it responsibly. Any abuse or miss-use will potentially result in damage or injury. The MY Parang now comes with a ballistic nylon sheath with webbing straps and a Velcro retaining strap.